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Their new album Partypocalypse strikes a balance between conventional and unconventional while continually maintaining interest and excitement.

The opening two tracks, “Emerging Submarines” and “Best Friends, Best Enemies”, exude some of the best writing, production and arrangement on an SA rock record that I’ve heard. The impossibly infectious beat of the opening track adds to its revolutionary bent while the marriage of dance and grunge gives the whole thing a menacing bite.

The latter of the two brings with it a dash industrial-fuelled intensity that lasts throughout as it rips open the narcissistic undertones that run through so many social circles – although rather than aggression there’s a sense of calm and self-assured confidence that makes things feel that much more dynamic.

That’s not to say the rest of the album isn’t up to scratch. The tracks that follow find a wonderful balance between boundary-pushers like the psychedelic, reggae-tinged “Cataonic” and the foot-stomping ode to escapism that is “Call Me Zombie” and more conventional, sentimental numbers like the softly hopeful “Flashlight” and the existentially fraught “Beautiful Evolution”.

The ebb and flow between conventional and experimental Partypocalypse keeps the waters moving and even the toned down track are wrapped up in intricate and intelligent song writing.

The scene is much-changed since Springbok Nude Girl crashed onto it in the ’90s, but they’re still a potent voice in hard rock, and with this being their last studio album with the original band line-up, this kind of magic on a record should be reveled in.




Arno Castens –  Vocals

Theo Crous –

Adriaan Brand –

Arno Blumer –

Francious Kruger –





South African Alternative Rock



The Itch is a South African rock band from Kroonstad. Formed in October 2019,
As a band that only recently started out, The Itch typically performs at venues in and around
Kroonstad, Klerksdorp, Johannesburg, Cape Town and Potchefstroom in an effort to build up
their fan base. The band has already received numerous great reviews and positive feedback for their musicality as well as their unique sound. Although The Itch has not been signed to any record label, they are currently working independently on their first 8 track EP and they are planning to start with the recording process around November 2021. The Itch is also planning a South African tour upon the release of their EP.

Musical Style:
The band would describe their sound as a mix between, rock, grunge, blues rock and punk.
Utilizing different time signatures and playing styles in order to create their unique sound. The
band also puts a lot of emphasis on lyrics in order to bring out the meaning of each song.

The band nominates bands such as Tool, A Perfect Circle, Led Zeppelin, Oasis, Nirvana, Guns
and Roses, Green Day, Blink 182 and Pearl Jam as their main influences.

The Itch released two singles that has fared quite well for new releases on the Kovsies FM SA
Rock Chart. Stressed Out reached number 6 on the Kovsies FM SA Rock chart in August 2020
Pendulum has reached number 7 on the chart in October 2020




Donut Strydom – Drums

Coal Brits – Bass

Sculley Jacobs – Guitar & Vocals



Instagram: @theitchbandofficial
Facebook: @theitchbandofficial
YouTube: The Itch Music





South African Alternative Rock



The Color Blew represents depth and insight in a sea of overproduced, shallow, commercial music. We provide the “alternative” where talent and passion merge with meaning and sound – a place free from preconceived notions of how music should sound. We often find discerning audience members getting lost in moments of deep listening, mesmerised by the artful sound and impassioned performance, unaware of what is happening around them. We work hard in the studio, play hard on stage, and strive for consummate professionalism, no matter the occasion.

While The Color Blew has only been together since 2014, our combined years of band experience total over 65 years. We are based in the East Rand of Gauteng, where we rehearse, create, record and produce our music in our own studio located in Springs. Asking us to categorise our sound into one sub-genre of rock music would be like asking a painter to use only one colour paint. Our music could be broadly considered “Alternative Rock”, but there are many more nuances. Our core material is heavily coloured by grunge and punk, and can be found on our debut album: THE CANVAS. Our newer music brings in the bright hues of jazz and African beats, blended with meaningful lyrics. Our newer music brings in the bright hues of jazz and African beats, blended with meaningful lyrics. This is evident from our sophomore release LIGHT SWITCH.

All in all, we strive to create an evolving, distinctive sound on the vast canvas of South Africa.



Liaan Horton (Vocals & Rhythm Guitar)

Marius Cronje (Bass Guitar)

Timothy James (Lead Guitar)

Armando Santos (Drums)




Website: https://www.thecolorblew.co.za

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thecolorblew
Instagram: http://instagram.com/thecolorblew

Bandcamp: https://thecolorblew.bandcamp.com/music
YouTube: https://tinyurl.com/the-color-blew-youtube
SmartURL: https://smarturl.it/thecolorblew




South African Alternative Rock



Towards The Sun  

Future Radio release new



Friday, 13 August 2021 (SOUTH AFRICA) – Towards The Sun is the latest release from South African rock outfit, Future Radio. This will also be the first single from their second studio album, Identity, scheduled to release in 2022.

The song edges on industrial rock and contains numerous elements associated with the genre; including a metal-like guitar riff, heavily distorted guitars and a prominent synth line. Towards The Sun, wields dynamic changes to a dramatic effect which, in turn supports the lyrical content that centres around the ups and downs of life and the uncertainty of what lies ahead. Moreover, establishing the song as highly relatable and current.

Johnny Future, the frontman and songwriter of Future Radio, recalls that he wrote all nine tracks, that made it on the album, over a period of two weeks in December 2020. “Towards the Sun was one of the first tracks that I wrote for the new album. We picked it as the leading single because we feel that is the song that connects the sound of the first album the best, with the more modern-sounding second album.”

Like the debut album, each track will be released as “episodes”, complemented by artistic visuals and a narrative. Together these episodes form part of Season 2: Identity. Future Radio co-founder, Drikus Roets, is the creative force behind the Future Radio visuals and animations. “The lyrics of Towards the Sun is what made me gravitate towards choosing it as the first single and the foundation to start building the animation of Season 2. The lyrics perfectly sets the stage for the first two episodes of our new season,” explains Roets.

In less than a year Future Radio released their debut album, Freedom, together with an animated short film of the same title. As part of their debut release, they also recorded three cover songs that formed part of what they call the Freedom series. Their well-received cover of The Cranberries, Zombie, reached #8 on The South African Top 40 (Mix FM). In this short period, they have managed to build an impressive social media presence with their creative and engaging content. If this is anything to go by, the future looks bright for this hard-working band.



Watch the music video, HERE

Available on all digital streaming platforms, HERE

Press page available, HERE


For more information email: info@futureradioband.co.za











Run Along is a tribute to a few of Kenny’s favourite guitarists, particularly, guitarists that inspired him to pick up a guitar for the first time. Kenny shares the following insight …

The first verse of the song describes my search for the blues. I could recognise a blues tune, as something that I wanted to create. I knew it as the sound I loved, but I never knew about different genres and therefore hadn’t been properly introduced to “the blues”. “Looking for a man with an old song” is exactly what I mean. Looking for that stereotypical old man, sitting on his New Orleans porch, smoking a Marlboro and playing the blues, telling me what it means to be a blues musician. This is a recurring dream I’ve had, over and over and I blame the 1988 movie “Crossroads” for this.

The second verse is made up, just as the rest of the song’s verses, of four lines. These four lines, though, are direct references to four of my favourite guitarists/songs. Each of these songs had a direct influence on my playing style:

“Powder never was my thing” by Eric Clapton “Cocaine” (J.J. Cale)
“Tried to snap my little wing” by Jimi Hendrix “Little Wing”
“Not one of the sultans learned to swing” by Mark Knopfler “Sultans of Swing
“I’m not one for slow dancing” by John Mayer “Slow Dancing in a Burning Room”

The rest of the song is about a sense of urgency I feel. We’re all getting older, we’re all running out of time. Time waits for no man. Constantly running. If you want to get your stuff done, whatever that may be, you better Run Along. Get it done while you can.

Producer and contributing artist Evert Snyman adds that “With Run Along I followed what Kenny’s guitar did. We ended with up with more of sleazy feel with the claps and low piano bits. The main thing I always try to do is make the instrumentation compliment the song. Kenny sang beautifully as always so it was quit easy to put together.”






I remember when I was young
Looking for a man with an old song
Fell asleep while their shows were on
Found my keys in their own tone

Powder never was my thing
They tried to snap my little wing
Not one of the sultans learned to swing
No I’m not one for slow dancing

So … Run along now
Run along now
Run along now
I’m not one for slow dancing

Ain’t time enough to learn it all
Sometimes we stand before we can crawl
They’ve got a place both big and small
Keep your head up boy proud and tall

This ain’t the place for fear and doubt
When all your wrongs were disavowed
Brace yourself it might get loud
Don’t you know your time is running out

So … Run along now
Run along now
Run along now
I’m not on for slow dancing



Blues and the open road, where inspiration and the muse may lead his passion … lead him to you … the world is his stage! Kenny Hughes is a travelling Classic Blues Blues musician from South Africa and I wants to perform for you, so do not hesitate to get in contact for a booking hugheskenny381@gmail.com




Web: https://www.devographic.com/kenny-hughes

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kennyhughesofficial

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kennyhughes_artist

YouTube: https://tinyurl.com/youtube-kh


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Lyrics & Music by Riddlebreak

Cover Art by Nathan Ferreira

Recording by Kyle Botha

Lyric Video by Russell McCallaghan

Mix & Master by Clinton Watts – Watts Audio Recording Studio



  1. Allegiant(04:14)
    2. The Hog (06:07)
    3. A Momentary Brightness (03:00)
    4. Eyes of the World Ender (05:49)



South African-based Progressive-influenced Metalcore heavyweights Riddlebreak have spent much of the turbulent 2020 time to prepare a gargantuan EP for unleash onto the world!

Entitled Architeuthis – ärkə’t(y)üthəs\ meaning “Giant Squid”, this 4-track EP is rife with Iconography and symbolism of creatures greatly misunderstood in real life. By example, the Giant Squid is a creature found in many myths and legends that can grow up to a tremendous size and evoke fear in many. They were first mentioned by Aristotle, Pliny the Elder and others. There are many legends of this creature, such as in Norse mythology (The Kraken, a tentacled sea monster that would engulf and sink any ship). However, in reality, there have been very few sightings and no actual deaths due to the creature. It is analogous with how those who are different are often mistreated because of their outward appearances. In accordance with this theme, the cover art portrays this creature in an environment where they seem grotesque and out of place.

Riddlebreak explores the monstrous within, but by understanding, accepting and embracing it, the monstrous can overcome it. Frank the bunny (our furry representative) is ever present. Maybe saving the day, or creating mischief (we’re never sure, he’s a sly one).



Allegiant is a war cry for unity … a call for all those who see themselves as different, unique and alone to come together as one. Also heavily inspired by Vocalist Jade Osner’s love of the Warhammer 40k Universe.

The Hog was Lead Guitarist Julian Vosloo’s idea to write a dark and brutal song describing the unparalleled anger and fury of his adorable pet hedgehogs. The main ideas behind the lyrics are that looks can be deceiving, and we all have the potential of a “hog” inside of us. The potential for greatness and the drive to conquer whatever it is we set out to do.

A Momentary Brightness depicts a grim and not-so-distant future where humanity will have little precious resources left. An overcrowded civilization living on a ruined planet with nothing to eat, but the one thing in abundance … other people. This song utters a dark foreboding of what may happen if humanity as a whole continues down the path it has currently chosen, where the value of life, all life, gives way to greed!

Eyes Of The World Ender was originally written about a recurring nightmare Vocalist Jade Osner used to have. Describing each element and trying to find meaning in everything he saw. During the writing process Jade found his own meaning. It’s all about the harsh realities of love, and being in love, that no one really wants to admit to. How the ones we love can bring out the best in us, but it’s often those that we care about the most that bring out the absolute worst in us too. It can cause great pain and self doubt that can fundamentally change who we are and what we become!


Laura Atkinson (Violin)

Julian Vosloo (Lead Guitar)

Jade Osner (Vocals)

Gordon Bosma (Drums)

Roushan van Niekerk (Bass)

Gareth Reed (Rhythm Guitar & Backing Vocals)



Riddlebreak calls the dark void somewhere between Pretoria and Johannesburg (South Africa) their home. Since its original inception ten years ago, it has taken four member changes as well as two shifts in musical orbit to bring this current collective of weirdos together – and they have been inseparable since. Over the last 7 years they have snowballed to break minds, sub-genres and necks. It is difficult to put Riddlebreak in a box because the sound of an injured bear hurtling through space is not considered a genre in most circles.

Since its birth, the music has forged a trajectory within metal, remaining close to its progressive and metalcore neighbours. They draw inspiration from many curiosities, from hedgehogs to collapsing stars – always searching and exploring. Riddlebreak tests constructs, whether it be society, gender stereotypes, gravity or what constitutes the perfect potato salad. Their ever-contrasting ideas and sounds make Riddlebreak difficult to compartmentalize but impossible to ignore!




Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Riddlebreak

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/riddlebreak_band

YouTube https://tinyurl.com/riddlebreak-youtube

Bandcamp https://riddlebreaksa.bandcamp.com/

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New SINGLE Release







The Sounds Around Your Head



Artist: Fourth Son South

Country: South Africa 🇿🇦

Genre: Overdrive Rock

Album Released: 7 November 2020

Composer: Peter Toussaint

Publisher: Fourth Son South Independent




  1. Positive (3:40)
    2. Reflections (3:36)
    3. They Run, We Hide (4:35)
    4. Nothing Left To Say (4:17)
    5. Home (3:11)
    6. Come Together (3:16)
    7. Livin’ the Life (3:32)
    8. Reminiscing (4:05)
    9. Magical People (3:10)
    10. Dregs of the Blues (3:25)
    11. Information (2:57)
    12. Playing in the Yard (4:56)






Franco Jamneck (Bass Guitar & Vocal Harmonies)

Dale McHardy (Rhythm Guitar)

Peter Toussaint (Lead Vocals & Lead Guitar)
Carel Viljoen (Drums & Vocal Harmonies)

Fourth Son South is a fresh band from South Africa, albeit far from new, as the members all have heaps of experience. The band was formed by Dutch born Peter Toussaint, a maestro on guitar. After bringing out his solo album One Day in 2018, Peter brought together bass player Franco Jamneck and drummer Carel Viljoen. As a three piece they toured for a while under the name Peter T Band. At the end of 2019, the band recorded their first EP called Another Mile under the name Fourth Son South. This was released in April 2020, just as the world turned to lockdown with Covid-19. During lockdown, Peter wrote and recorded a bunch of songs that now form the basis of their first full length album titled The Sounds Around Your HeadFourth Son South also recruited guitarist Dale McHardy to perfect the live sound.




Facebook https://www.facebook.com/FourthSonSouth/
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/ptoussa/

YouTube http://bit.ly/FourthSonSouth
Bandcamp https://fourthsonsouth.bandcamp.com/releases

PayPal Donation Ptoussa@gmail.com

Contact Email fourthsonsouth@gmail.com













South African Rockers De Wallen is finally back on Valentine’s Day with their highly anticipated 3rd Album Street Fight Sonata

To say the album had a difficult birth would be an understatement, but through resilience and love for their music the band pushed through. In these troubling and difficult times the outfit return with their signature Rock-sound bigger, faster and louder!

Ladies & Gentlemen … De Wallen is back!

In Late 2017 the band began working on the album and it was recorded and written in Pretoria. All nine tracks were conceived and recorded in just under 14 days. Performing on this album was Adriaan Jordaan (Drums vocals lyrics), Adriaan Louw (Bass), Jeandre Swanepoel (Vocals, Guitar and lyrics) and Pieter Bekker (Guitar).

The band then continued playing shows in South Africa gearing up for a album launch tour that included a Nation-Wide South African leg and European Tour. It’s here where the band decided to postpone the album as it was missing the “X-Factor”.

The European tour went exceptionally well and the band returned home to re-access the album. But then, tragedy struck.
Member changes, lack of funds, work schedules and creative differences and A GLOBAL PANDEMIC plagued the band. It seemed like all hope was lost. Yet, somehow the dream stayed alive! Additional recordings done by Gerhard Grobbler and Benjamin Hound with performances by Basson Laubscher, Emile Maritz, Hugo Veldsman, Duke Duke and Wouter Rynecke breathed new life into the album.

A new line up consisting of Jeandre Swanepoel, Adriaan Jordaan, Emile Maritz, Rudolph Heinen and Pieter Bekker stand ready to rock your socks off.

These nine tracks represent 3-years of blood, sweat and tears. A diamond in the rough … a Street Fight Sonata!


1 Cheap Drugs (3:04) – ISRC USY282001312

2 Loveless (3:11) – ISRC USY282001313

3 Triggerd (3:21|) – ISRC USY282001314

4 Hush (4:21) – ISRC USY282001315

5 Angry Man (3:32) – ISRC USY282001316

6 Questions (3:08) – ISRC USY282001317

7 Serendipity (3:34) – ISRC USY282001318

8 Damnation Drive (5:05) – ISRC USY282001319

9 Relapse (3:54) – ISRC USY282001320




Engineered, Mixed and Mastered by Jaco Naude of Audio Culture Records.
Additional Recordings by Gerhard Grobler and Benjamin Hound of Stereo Hills

Wardrobe by Annie’s Angels Party Shop Annie’s Wardrobe Rentals
Artwork Designed by Mieke Snyman

Band Photography by Dirk Odendaal


Basson Laubscher – Lead Guitar
Wouter  Reyneke – Bass
Hugo Veldsman – Lead
Duke Duke – Backing Vocals



Pieter Bekker (Rhythm Guitar)

Jeandre Swanepoel (Vocals)

Adriaan Jordaan (Drums)

Emile Martiz (Lead Guitar)

Rudolph Heinen (Bass)



LinkTree: https://linktr.ee/dewallen

Web: http://dewallenband.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DeWallenBand
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dewallenband/
Web: http://dewallenband.com/
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/3n6PF2KnptY1WuDGFguiXF

iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/za/artist/de-wallen/730061531

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8aATVncStmTnPB3NOY-AOg


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